Writing a descriptive statistics reports

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How to Write an Expository Essay

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Qualities and Characteristics of Good Reports

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Why a Scientific Format? The scientific format may seem confusing for the beginning science writer due to its rigid structure which is so different from writing in the humanities. One reason for using this format is that it is a means of efficiently communicating scientific findings to the broad community of scientists in a uniform manner.

Writing up your results – Guidelines based on APA style In a results section, your goal is to report the results of the data analyses used to test your In reporting the results of statistical tests, report the descriptive statistics, such as means and standard deviations, as well as the test statistic, degrees of freedom, obtained value.

CBSM website. The Fostering Sustainable Behavior website has a treasure-trove of resources for uncovering research on barriers and benefits. The site has searchable databases of academic articles, reports and cases.

In addition, the site includes discussion forums where you can seek information from program planners from around the globe as well as search past discussion threads.

Writing a descriptive statistics reports
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