Fly lab report

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The Advanced Process Laboratory (APL) is a process development, analytical services, and research provider to the electronics industry. 2. Cross your flies (P generation) and determine the phenotype of the F1 generation. 3. Now mate the offspring (F1) from that cross together (creates F2 generation).

Return to the lab and choose "use fly in new mating" under the microscope view. 4.

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Sort your F2 flies and analyze results. New Horizons Kuiper Belt Extended Mission: MU69 Occultation Campaign. Over six weeks and two continents, the New Horizons mission team got a rare preview of its next flyby target – a small Kuiper Belt object named MU69 – and a valuable chance.

The University of Wisconsin Insect Diagnostic Lab was established in to provide timely and accurate identification of insects and insect-damaged plant material from around Wisconsin. Part of the mission of the IDL is to provide support to the county extension offices throughout the state.

In addition, the IDL provides diagnostic services for the general public, private companies. Mar 28,  · The new $, netted, four-story complex is located next to the future home of Ford Motor Company Robotics Building, which will open in early Fruit Fly Lab Report 50 points – Due Date 1.

Title: List a cool title! Drosophila melanogaster is the scientific name of FFs.

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2. Purpose: State, in your own words, the reason for this study and paper.

Fly lab report
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