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Diary of a Pakistani girl mesmerised by India experience

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Pakistani reporter killed in Punjab for covering drug trafficking

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Elderly Pakistani man dies in Jammu hospital

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Moammar Ghadafi's forces, U.S.

Obama administration to blame for jailing of hero Bin Laden doctor, says Pakistani report

officials said. Pakistani reporter killed in Punjab for covering drug trafficking. Pakistan. Asia - Pacific.

Pakistani security seeks to tamp down reporting on California shooter

Condemning abuses. Protecting journalists. “Hussain used to report on the drug business in the area and those named are notorious for involvement in the drug business,” RSF was told by Muhammad Ilyas. A shocking video has emerged of a policeman violently slapping a female journalist during a scuffle at a government office in Karachi.

The officer from the Frontier Constabulary was seen arguing with Saima Kanwal from channel K as she was doing a live program. The journalist was doing a report on. Latest and breaking news updates from Pakistan, all the news from Today's Newspaper and ePaper for Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

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Business reporter pakistani
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